Activities Outside the Office Improved My Job Performance

Working a 9-5 job can strain your social life, and affect job performance, mainly because for many the job goes far beyond those hours. So why would you want to spend what little free time you have with those same people you see everyday?

One of the initial qualities that drew me to Underground Elephant, is our unique culture. Underground Elephant prides itself for its ability to surpass typical expectations of companies when it comes to motivating employees. An example of this is UE’s sponsorship of fun activities outside the office hours. Besides occasions such as employee catered lunches and happy hours during work hours, we as part of the Underground Elephant herd have the chance to engage in company sponsored activities like Padres games, sports leagues, wine tastings and more.

At first I was skeptical to give up a piece of my weeknight/weekend; I had never worked for a company that has sponsored opportunities like these for their employees and that was a foreign concept. But now, after joining in on these activities, I know there are major benefits to my job performance behind participating (besides the genuine fun that is had).

Here are just three ways I have become a better coworker by attending these events:

I know fellow coworkers beyond a first name basis. If you ever want to get closer to someone, suffer through a 5k run through pits of mud. Plenty of memories to talk about later in the office, which has contributed to a more engaging work environment and more confidence to collaborate in cross department projects, and ultimately better job performance and new friends!

I’ve learned how to be a better team player. Seeing someone in one environment does not allow you to fully grasp how they operate. Put someone in a game like kickball to see their true leadership style reveal itself. Are they in a front and center role like pitcher? Or perhaps they play a more supportive role like left field? Something as simple as kickball has allowed me to better cater my communication with different coworkers.

I have a greater sense of pride for the company. In the 9-5 work environment it’s common to hear employees counting down the hours until the weekend, but here at Underground Elephant, it’s not uncommon to hear employees discussing the next kickball game or suggesting new, future activities to our culture team for employees to take part in. 

Take a chance and forfeit a night of Netflix binging to join in on your company’s weekly sports league, book club, or other social activity. Your company doesn’t have any events like these? Get one started! You too might find yourself benefiting from these events, and might even have a little fun as well.

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